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In the year 2007 the town councillors lowered their trousers. Not only the "Bierhähne" in the "Kaiserhof" restaurant, but also the gentlemen in the city hall do state now obviously their solidarity to the most well-known employer of the city. For a long time it was discussed whether Radeberg should call itself "beer town". In Bavaria or Bohemia this question could be a matter in each second village. So this is not a very exclusive surname for a German town. Finally the admitting sign boards are now mounted at the outskirts of a town - and have already been attacked and partially damaged by non-agreeing people.
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For the year 2013 you should expected interruptions at one of the main traffic roads. Dresdner Strasse will be barred in single directions or even completely closed for a few days. The railway bridge is being modernized and expanded. A second new Radeberger sports-resort develops at Robert-Blum-Way. On an area of 45x45 meters the structural steelwork in its pore prefab walls will offer place to up to 600 spectators. Arranging celebration was in December. Now the interior fittings follow. Apart from the play "chaos in the town hall" with Holger Blum and Hans Jörg Hombsch the play "Prost Malzau" stands on the playing schedule of the Kaiserhof stage. Between 14,50 and 23,50 Euro do the tickets for the fun in the Kaiserhof saloon cost. During the year 2007 the renovation of the Radeberger of station was finished. People waiting for the train have now roof over the head. New toilets and a news stand are available.
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